Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have a case?

Every potential claim is different. Only after a thorough analysis of the facts can a determination be made that further legal action is warranted. A preliminary interview is conducted when the initial call to this office is placed. If warranted, that call then leads to a detailed interview in the office. Jim Cupero personally participates in each interview and answers any and all questions at that time. The consultation and interview are free.

Are there time limits?

The time within which a lawsuit must be commenced is called the Statute of Limitations. These time limits vary depending upon the type of case and the age of the injured party. It is very important, therefore, to contact this office immediately! In addition to preserving the right to bring a lawsuit, there are numerous other benefits and rights which may be waived if more than thirty days have passed since the happening of the incident. Further details can be obtained by calling this office.

If I make a claim, will the cost of my insurance increase?

You pay for your insurance and, when the need arises, you are entitled to all of the coverages set forth in the policy. In most instances, this will not affect your future costs as long as you were not at fault in the occurrence of the incident. It is extremely important that this office be contacted immediately so that all coverages can be identified and preserved.

How much is my case worth?

The value in each case depends upon a number of factors, only one of which is the description of the injury itself. An opinion on case value can only be given when all the factors have been fully evaluated. Since this cannot be done when the initial interview is conducted, any lawyer willing to give an opinion without all the necessary information in hand should be avoided. This firm offers its opinion at the appropriate time. Ultimately you, the client, decides whether an offer or settlement is acceptable.

What is your fee?

This firm's legal fee is a percentage of the recovery obtained on behalf of the client and is payable if and when that recovery is paid, i.e., the fee is contingent upon the recovery. The percentage may vary, depending on the nature of the case and the age of the injured party, but will not exceed one-third of the settlement proceeds after out-of-pocket disbursements have been reimbursed to the firm.

Do I pay tax on the money I receive?

At the present time in the State of New York, money paid to compensate the injured party for pain and suffering is exempt from tax.

How long will it take?

Each case is different. Some cases can be settled prior to bringing a lawsuit. Other cases settle during the course of pre-trial discovery. A very small percentage of the cases have to be tried, and even fewer end up in the Appellate Court. This firm takes as long as necessary to maximize each client's recovery. You are advised of the statutes on an ongoing basis and are informed of each settlement offer when made.

Will my case have to go to trial?

A very small percentage of cases are tried to a verdict. In the past ten years approximately 5% percent of all cases which Mr. Cupero has handled have been tried to verdict. In each instance, plaintiff's verdicts have exceeded the defendant's last settlement offer. The firm's reputation for fair and direct dealing, along with Mr. Cupero's reputation as a respected plaintiff personal injury lawyer, make trial to verdict unnecessary in the vast majority of cases.

What is meant by individual service?

When you retain this office, you become a member of the firm's professional family. The firm is selective in the cases it accepts in order to assure that each one receives the personal attention it deserves. You are not be shuffled from lawyer to lawyer. You will not need a six-digit number so that an operator can access your file. Most importantly, you are represented in a small-firm environment by an experienced and aggressive personal injury attorney who has handled major cases as a partner and Senior Trial Counsel to two of the largest law firms in Orange County prior to establishing his own practice.

Do you do anything other than represent the injured in accident cases?

Our practice is dedicated solely to personal injury law and we only represent the side of the injured. Every personal injury client works with Jim Cupero personally.

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