Notable Results

$10.8 MillionTo infant for birth injury
$10 MillionSettlement in birth related injury
$2.3 MillionTo 4-year-old for scarring due to car accident
$1 Million Post verdict settlement for 16 year old blinded in one eye by paintball
$1 Million To widow for husband's work-related wrongful death
$850,000 To worker for neck injury due to scaffold collapse
$750,000 For neck surgeries due to auto accident
$500,000 For improper root canal
$482,675Verdict to auto accident victim with fractured femur
$450,000To victim in head-on collision causing broken thigh bone
$438,000To teen with fractured femur in one-car accident
$320,000To victim of slip & fall, herniated disc in neck and carpal tunnel syndrome settled during trial at close of defendant's case
$500,000Shoulder and back injuries sustained in pedestrian knockdown
$300,000Neck injury sustained when truck's cargo struck client's vehicle
$100,000Wrist fracture sustained in pedestrian knockdown
$325,000Cervical fusion after hit in rear by drunk driver
$150,000Auto accident related neck injuries

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