Personal Injury Lawyers Testimonials

Personal Injury Testimonials


I am pleased with my settlement. It was prompt. It was a fair amount I was content with. Everyone made me feel comfortable and trustworthy around them. Also very informative. I always knew what was going on. Thank you.

Linda Bakonyi

I found you and everyone in your office to be very professional, helpful and understanding. You have handled two cases for me and I have recommended you to several other people.

Louis Annese Terri Annese

After being involved in an automobile accident, we retained the services of Jim Cupero. We were very satisfied with the legal services we received from Jim and his knowledgeable staff. Our telephone calls were always answered promptly and courteously. We were kept informed throughout the process of settling our claim, which was settled fairly and expediently.

Bernadette Maher

The service I received from this law office was excellent. Everyone in the office was very helpful and my phone calls were always answered.

Richard Stevens, Jr.

Free advice; honest; professional; availability; language you understand; knowledge of the body; reputation; gets the job done; polite; excellent office staff; is with you from beginning to end; well educated; down to earth; firm handshake; makes you feel comfortable; earns their money; thorough; friend for life.

Barbara Economico

Mr.Cupero was very understanding and helpful in regard to my case. The staff was also very pleasant. Mr. Cupero was very easy to speak with, and he was very patient with me in regard to any questions I had. I would recommend Jim Cupero and staff to any of my family and friends. Thanks for your service.

Jeffrey Paulik

On October 10, 2010 I had an accident with my motorcycle. I was taken to Horton Hospital where I remained for a week. There I had emergency surgery to repair my broken femur with a titanium rod. I spent the first 3 days in ICU. Upon being released, I spent the next 5 months going to physical therapy and follow up doctor visits. Was unable to work for 6 months.

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When I purchased the motorcycle, I had already taken the motorcycle safety course. Since it was a new purchase, I obtained "full coverage" for insurance purposes. Personally, I had no medical insurance. The mistake I made, was to "assume" the motorcycle policy would provide medical coverage in case of an accident. It does, but only $1,000. I was facing over $100,000 in medical costs. That is when I knew I needed Jim Cupero.

From my initial visit to his office, Mr. Cupero and his staff were honest and frank with me. My case was handled with compassion and professionalism. From their experience with motorcycle accidents, we were able to settle with the other vehicle's insurance company, therefore getting all my medical bills paid. What a relief.

To anyone in this type of predicament, I would highly recommend you schedule an appointment with Mr. Cupero.

Thomas Jacaruso

Jim, thanks again for all your work regarding my daughter Brianna's car accident back in '04. She really felt at ease working with you and felt you were covering all bases in her defense.

With sincerest regards, Rick Jung and wife, Lin

We were extremely pleased with the services rendered us by Attorney Jim Cupero and his excellent staff. After my accident, not knowing where to turn, my wife made several phone calls but after speaking with Mr. Cupero we felt no need to meet with anyone else. We were immediately impressed with his honesty and forthright manner, his knowledge, experience and meticulous attention to detail. It was a relief to us both to place my case in such competent hands so we could focus on my recovery. Mr. Cupero's assistants were extremely knowledgeable and efficient as well as being genuinely kind and considerate people, as was Jim Cupero himself. There was never a question or concern they were unable to resolve for us. My case was favorably settled in a more than timely fashion and we were very happy with the outcome. Thank you Jim Cupero and staff for turning what could have been a long, drawn-out and painful process into such a positive experience for us.

Rose Roberts

After my traumatic accident, I could not believe that I would have found such a caring and thoughtful team as Jim Cupero and his diligent associates. Jim led me clearly and consistently through one of the most painful and trying times of my life. I never experienced chronic pain until after my ordeal but the understanding and guidance that was given to me was awesome. It absolutely made my journey through this period more tolerable.

They were more than patient with my often callings for answers about things I could not understand and shedding light to a complicated event. I have to thank you, Jim Cupero and your staff for outstanding and professional performance in this matter. I will always highly recommend you to all that need legal assistance. Thank you and God bless you.

Steven Maleike

Mr. Cupero and his staff handled my accident injury case in a professional, organized and efficient manner. I was very pleased with the result and how quickly the work was completed.

Barbara Holt

Dear James Cupero and Staff,

I am very happy to give a commendation of your law practice and your handling of my injury case.

In the horrible and chaotic aftermath of my auto accident, your office helped me handle everything. My husband and I were personally emotionally overwhelmed with doctor appointments of every kind and it was so reassuring to direct all other concerns to you and your office.

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Our phone calls were always handled promptly and our questions were always answered clearly. The overwhelming amount of paperwork was happily accepted by your office! We couldn't have asked for a more competent advocate than you.

Your staff was so knowledgeable about every detail that we didn't need to have much contact with you. But when that time did come, towards the final resolution, David and I were immensely impressed with your ability.

We were very satisfied with the final financial settlement (considering the limited resources of our opponent) and we know it's all due to your skill. I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs your services.

Nildalina and Carlos Rivera

Dear Mr. Cupero,

Once again, I sincerely wish to thank you very much for settling my automobile accident of Sept. 3, 2007 in such a professional and efficient manner. Mr. Cupero you acted above and beyond in resolving a difficult case. My husband, Carlos and I will be eternally grateful. We will, without hesitation recommend you very highly to family and friends who might have the need for an excellent lawyer. Thank you!

Allen R. Hall, Jr.

We are extremely happy that we chose Mr. James J. Cupero, Esq. as our personal injury lawyer. Mr. Cupero and his office staff have treated us very professionally. My husband felt like a person, not a number like some over-sized lawyers would make you feel. Although our case is still going on, I am extremely confident in Mr. Cupero because of his extensive history of maximizing each client's recovery with his reputation for honest and direct dealings. Mr. Cupero and his office is quick to offer any advice or answer any questions you might have regarding your case. He makes sure you understand exactly what is going on and what to expect. He was extremely open to any questions that we had. We will gladly recommend Mr. Cupero to any of our family or friends should they ever need a personal injury lawyer!!!

Svante RodingSandra Roding

Dear Mr. Cupero,

We would like to thank you very much for your services and expertise in dealing with our daughter's motor vehicle accident. We agree with your opinion.

You and your staff have been very professional, knowledgeable and diligent.
We will certainly recommend your law office to others. Thank you very much.

Mr. Cupero,

I am writing this letter to thank you for your help in my injury case. Your handling of my case was very professional and thorough and the results were very satisfying. I will be referring friends and family to your firm in the future when the need is warranted. Once again, thank you for your invaluable help.

Todd and Ellen Punim

Dear Jim,

As this year comes to a close, Ellen and I wanted to take the time to thank you for the work you did on Ross 'case. From the outset, we asked that you give us guidance as if this was your own child. We always felt comfortable with the legal advice you dispensed.

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Although there are no guarantees in the legal system, you helped us make informed choices that ultimately benefited Ross. While the options and risks were always ours, you presented a fair and balanced appraisal of the initial offerings. We realize you could have advised settling earlier and quickly moved on. We felt that your counseling had Ross's best interest at heart.

Thank you for being professional, respectful and a pleasure to work with. We will continue to recommend you to others without reservation. Have a healthy and happy new year.

Mr. & Mrs. John Martinez

Dear Jim,

Your professionalism, expert representation and overall genuine concern during our time of crisis will always be remembered and greatly appreciated. We commend you on a job well done.

Richard Stelmach Joan F. Stelmach

Dear Mr. Cupero:

We wanted to take this time to thank you again for your efforts and hard work on settling our case this past March. Following are our thoughts to you and your staff.

From the day I walked into your office, your staff has treated me with respect, kindness and a willingness to help in any way. Mr. Cupero was honest right from the start and never promised anything he could not deliver. He told it like it was, no flowery phrases, no smoke, just the facts. He truly epitomizes a true and honest attorney. Which in this day and age is very hard to find!

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Dear Mr. Cupero:

We wanted to take this time to thank you again for your efforts and hard work on settling our case this past March. Following are our thoughts to you and your staff.

From the day I walked into your office, your staff has treated me with respect, kindness and a willingness to help in any way. Mr. Cupero was honest right from the start and never promised anything he could not deliver. He told it like it was, no flowery phrases, no smoke, just the facts. He truly epitomizes a true and honest attorney. Which in this day and age is very hard to find!

- Richard Stelmach Joan F. Stelmach

I referred an elderly client to Jim Cupero for representation in connection with injuries sustained in a car accident. I found Jim to be conscientious, honest and accessible. He maximized my client's recovery. I am very satisfied with the attention and the representation which he provided in this referral.

Very truly yours,

- Lawrence X. Kennedy, Esq.

I have known James Cupero, in a professional capacity for many years. During that time I referred personal injury actions to him, which I felt had significant monetary value and needed the attention of an attorney who practices solely in the personal injury area.

Each referral that I made to Mr. Cupero was handled in a competent and effective manner. I was always kept apprised of the progress of the case which enabled me to maintain a working relationship with my client. Most importantly my clients and myself were pleased with the result obtained from his representation.

I will continue to refer cases to James Cupero, Esq. in the future.

- Timothy S. McAdam, Esq.

I would like to thank Jim Cupero and his staff. Anytime I called or visited the office I was greeted with courtesy and professionalism. I've never been involved in an injury case before, but Jim and his staff always kept me well informed on the status of the case. Jim's patience in the case provided me with a settlement which my family and I are very satisfied with. In closing once again I would like to thank Jim and his staff and remember to be patient.


- John R. Meizgaslura Jr.

Courteous, friendly staff. Took the time to help me, as another law office did not listen/ take case. Won the case and now I'd recommend Mr. Cupero to anyone. Large or small case!

Your entire office took care of me calling, checking in, taking care of everything and even more than you should've. You went above and beyond and most importantly you did what you said. You were able to get the maximum settlement without going to court and without putting any stress on me. I appreciate everything you and your staff did for me. Thank you!

Dear Jim.

I found that when my son was injured in a car accident I could not decide who I wanted for a lawyer. I had tried another well known firm but I was just a number. I spoke to an old friend who was also a lawyer in NYC and he recommended Jim Cupero in Goshen. He treated my son's case like we were family. I could call and leave a message and I always received a return call by that evening. Thanks for your prompt and always courteous help.

- Linda C. Sanfilippo

My name is Mr. Odin S. MacDavid and I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. I'm an aircraft crew chief for Northwest Airlines and a happily married man and father of four daughters. My wife works full time as a homemaker and together we raise our children.

Just weeks before the accident we moved back from North Carolina to upstate New York and just four days before the accident we had signed contracts to build our new family home in the Lake George area.

On the evening of the 20th of August I was asked to work additional hours to get a flight out on time to Amsterdam, Holland, having been temporarily assigned to Newark International Airport, which I did. I then drove home on Interstate 87 (the Thruway) and exited by the commons mall outlets in Harriman. At this point, it was now after midnight and I was sitting at a stop light with no one around waiting for the light to change, when suddenly I was struck from behind at an extremely high rate of speed, destroying my car, almost killing me and instantly changing my life.

Through the course of simply picking up a phone book and dialing his law office my journey of putting things back together began. I truly have not encountered a gentleman of his caliber prior to this incident nor have I since this ordeal ended. Let's face it, we have all heard the lawyer jokes and sorry to say, the few bad ones out there ain't the whole profession. I instantly felt an ease with Jim's personality, he truly cares about his clients concerns. Jim was very personable, thoughtful and a helpful advocate for me, guiding me throughout the entire process.

Please keep in mind, not only was I out of work and disabled I had just deposited our life savings to build a new home. Our lives had been turned upside down, now I was being questioned by my lending institution of how I could make house payments. Slowly as months passed, I lost even more, my employer placed me on extended medical leave after having exhausted all family leave time, vacation time and sick time. I now lost all medical and dental coverage, I lost my life insurance coverage, I had to liquidate all retirement savings.

I was near the end of my rope. All this happened because a drunk driver left me for dead and then left the scene of the accident. Once again, Jim and his staff returned every single phone call, answered every question and consoled us every time. Simply put, Jim Cupero personifies the legal profession. I can go on and on...What a Guy...

Who ever reads this letter and feels shy about asking questions, don't. I just hope that you never experience the turmoil I did with the insurance companies, questioning everything that you do and making you feel like it was all your fault. Now that I've had a chance to reflect on this matter, and knowing what I know without any doubts or reservations I would hire Jim again in a New York minute. I hope that day never comes my way again, but it is nice to know that a stand up guy like Jim would be there for my family again.

If by chance you would like to speak to myself or my wife regarding his expertise, please feel free to call us at 518-793-8080

- Mr. Odin S. MacDavid

The work done on my personal injury case by Mr. James Cupero was found to be of excellent satisfaction, with the highest regard for me as his client. He handled the case with the most knowledge and experience an attorney may have. I would recommend Mr. Cupero without any hesitation.

- Herman Pearlman

We could not have been happier with the services we received from Jim Cupero. He kept us informed at every step and was available to us whenever we needed him. His counsel and advice was invaluable. We would have no reservations in recommending Jim to anyone.

- Jim Nenni and Michelle Nenni

I think your practice is wonderful. I am very satisfied with the results I have received. You were always kind and you cared about me and my needs. I would recommend you and your practice to all I know with a personal injury. I was honored to have you as my attorney for my knee. I received great responses from you. I never had to wait for you to return my call and I could speak to you about any of my concerns. To me--that makes a great lawyer. Thank you for being mine.

- Thank you. Michelle L. Welton

It was just a wonderful experience working with Jim and his staff. I never had to worry about anything.

Thank you.

- Tom Murphy

I was very satisfied with the handling of both my cases. Recently with my daughter Nicole and 15 years ago with my own. Would gladly refer your office to anyone in need of help.

- Elizabeth Feduchka

You did a good job for me. In my opinion you got the best settlement I could have received in a very timely manner. I would not think twice about telling anyone with an injury problem to go and see you to get information on what to do if they have an injury problem to solve.

- James Hobencamp

I feel you handled my case very well. You kept in touch with me on how my case was going and what was best for me. My phone calls were answered in a timely fashion. Overall I felt my case was handled in a professional manner.

- Pamela Smoot


Jerry and I were glad we had you for our attorney, handling our injury case. If we or any of our friends or family need an attorney, we would recommend you. Thank you and your staff, you did a wonderful job.

- Sophia Westphal

Dear Mr. Cupero,

I am very grateful for your services. You handled it in a professional manner. I thank you for putting your effort into my case. In fact I have recommended a couple of friends to you.

- Ms. Villalobos

Your office was always courteous, answered any and all of our questions. Our case was handled professionally and expediently. Thank you once again for all that you did on our behalf.

- John Rodriguez

Mr. Cupero,

I was very pleased with the way you handled my case. You kept me informed with what was going on and I was pleased with the outcome.

Thank you again.

- Catherine Dauch

"Thank you so much for your services. When I had my car accident, the thought of having to get an attorney was really scary. I didn't know where to turn or even who to trust. I looked in the Internet and said, 'OK Lord, who should I call?' You and your office were a real blessing to me. You always made sure that I understood exactly what was happening and what to expect. Your office crew was always courteous and helpful. A million thanks to you and your crew. Many blessings!"

-Belen Casillas

"Thank you. We feel like family. Your office was so professional. I could call anytime, and any questions I had were already taken care of. You were always steps ahead of my case. We always felt comfortable, and I appreciate all you have helped us take care of. Thanks again!"

-Collen and Rory Hudson

"After my injury I wanted a personal injury attorney with experience and someone who would be there for me. Jim Cupero not only gives his personal attention to your case, he is also a caring attorney. I am very satisfied with his law practice and would recommend him to anyone."

-Sharon Fisher

"I would like to thank you and your staff for the very professional and courteous manner in which you handled my case. It was a very trying time for my husband and me, and I personally appreciate your patience, kindness and the extra effort you took during the legal process and progress of my case. I am sure your law practice and the way you managed my injury case was the reason we had a speedy and satisfactory conclusion. Thank you again."

-Gilberte Kaufmann-Yarusso

"I would recommend Mr. Cupero to anyone who asks. When other attorneys said it was hard to get a settlement due to my automobile injuries, especially since it was in N.J., Mr. Cupero was straightforward and direct. He was no-nonsense and thorough when dealing with the insurance companies. Mr. Cupero's persistence was able to get me a settlement. Thank you Mr. Cupero."

-Louis Miraglia

"We also would like to thank your office staff. They were always very professional and always relayed our messages if you were not available. In closing, we cannot say enough about how great you are, not only as a lawyer but also as a person. You will be highly recommended to all our friends should they be in the need for a lawyer.
Thanks for a Great Job!"

-Terry and Jerry Caffery

"The handling of my case was done with my best interest always first. Jim Cupero is one of the best trial lawyers in the area."

-Joseph Sudek

"I found Mr. Cupero to be very competent and professional as well as very pleasant and friendly."

-Gertrude A. Seekamp

"I was very satisfied with the way James J. Cupero handled my case. He shows great understanding and concern for his clients. He is very thorough with the details of a case."

-Richard J. Siegal, Sr.

"We were so grateful for you and your office's professionalism and concern. I especially appreciated your sensitivity and handling of our matter. I appreciated the fact that you took the time to work with us, tactfully explaining our options without trying to persuade us on a course of action we were not comfortable with. I highly recommend you, Jim, and remain pleased with the service you gave me and my family."

-Patt Margolis

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